Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth

Ok, so I shouldn't even be doing this post since the only person I have packed is Adyson and we are leavin for the airport in 2 hours, but I had to write about how excited Ady is. We just decided like a week ago to take this long weekend and fly out to Anaheim and do the Disneyland thing this weekend. So all week we have been talking to Ad about it and telling her we will bring her princess Belle dress and we will see Mickey Mouse and go on rides and totally pumping her up for it. So this morning, when i went to get her up, I said "Ady, today is the day we are going to California then tomorrow when we wake up we can go to Disneyland" so all day she has been say "yeah! Diddyland!" she even goes up to Max and grabs him by the shoulders and says "Macky...go to DIDDYLAND!!!" It totally freaks Max out but we are glad she is so excited.
I know some people may not think it sounds fun to go to Disneyland with a baby and toddler but i am way excited, who dosen't love Disneyland, even as an adult. And Disney now has a place on their website called "Little Dreamers, Big Dreams, magical beginnings" and its all geared toward families with little kids, and has lists of all the best rides, and attractions for toddlers. So we have our game plan and we are totally excited. I am sure Eric will be bringing his laptop so I will post about the trip while we are there. Bon Voyage!! Yay! Diddyland!

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