Friday, October 12, 2007

Play Date with cousin Easton

This morning we drove up to Sandy for Ady to play with her best friend in the whole world, her cousin Easton Lovell. It's funny Easton moved here from California back in January of this year, and ever since the 2 of them just beg to play together. Sometime they play together so great and sometimes they fight the whole time. But, either way they loved getting together and cry when they have to leave. Today was one of those good days, not too much fighting. Easton is potty training right now too, so he and Ady got to both use the big potty. They did a lot of colring and jumped on Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve's bed. (which is just a mattress right now since they just moved into their new house) They really like playing together adn its cute to listen to them have their own little conversations most of them go like
Ady - Here ya go easton (giving him a toy or something)
Easton - Thanks Ady
Ady - Your Welcome Easton
(then silent play and repeat.)
They are too cute together. We are so glad the Lovells moved to Utah so Ady can have her best little buddy so close. And once Max, and Easton's little brother Zach (who are just 4 weeks apart) get a little older, I am sure they will be the same way.

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