Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Busy Saturday

Ok Our Saturday this past weekend was not exactly relaxing but we did a lot of fun stuff. First when we woke up Saturday morning we went over to Magleby's Fresh for the Elders Quorum Social breakfast. Eric, being the Elders Quorum president had planned a big all you can eat French Toast and Pancake Breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot. Then I had to leave a little early for a shower me and my mom were throwing for my cousin Kevin Burns fiance Lauren Irvin, now you may recognize the name because Lauren works for Eric and is our babysitter. She is great and our kids love her.
Then I had to leave the shower early so we could all head up to South Jordan for our friends Matt and Edy's wedding. They got married in their backyard of their new house they just remodeled. the weather was horrible but they planned ahead and had a big white tent with heaters and everything. It was so nice and we are so happy for them.
now that I have typed it all up it dosen't really seem as busy as it felt on Saturday but it was a good day. The pics in this post are from the wedding. I will post the pics from the shower below....

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