Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Disney Trip

We just got home form our little southern California trip, and we had a ton of fun. I think Disney is one of the best family vacations you can do. Eric and I and the kids travel quite a bit and a lot of places we go we feel a little out of place with kids or like people are thinking "oh". But not at Disney, everything totally centers around and caters to families and little kids, so its completely awesome. Ady loves the rides, every morning she woke up she said "mickey mouse rides please". We had so much fun we we would go to Disney all morning then do naps back at the hotel in the afternoon then go back to Disney at night. Is was great. We went on pretty much every ride in Fantasyland and ToonTown and we did some of my favorites too, like Pirates of the Caribbean, which Ady did not like (the the drunk pirates didnt look friendly, not to mention the skeletons too) Disney was all decked out of Halloween and it was so beautiful there. Ady dressed up as Princess Belle one night and Alice from Alice in Wonderland another night. Also while we were down there we spend one morning at Huntington Beach with Eric's cousin Weston and his wife Cat and their 2 kids, Avery and Isaiah. It was a lot of fun too, Ady and Avery loved playing in the sand together and we even renting like a 6 person beach bike/cruiser thing. It was great to see the Marsh's and get some fun beach time. The weather was great! Overall we really liked our trip together and are excited for next time when Max can love all that's going on as much as Ady did.
More pics from the beach and from Disney are scroll down and enjoy!

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