Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Girl...Potty Training!

We started potty training Adyson yesterday. Ady turned 2, 3 months ago and I think it is the right time. And it is going really well, she got to go to the store and buy buy big girl panties with the Disney princesses on them and she was all pumped to wear them we talked about it all weekend then finally yesterday morning we gave all her diapers to Max and she got to wear them, well by noon we had had 4 accidents and no success. So I said ok if you are going to not even try you are not going to get to wear you panties, so she was running around naked. The like 20 minutes later she started freakin out and asking for a diaper , so i took her in and sat on the potty and she went! We celebrated, she got some m&m's, we called daddy and grandma so they could praise her then the rest of the day she had no accidents and went in the potty the rest of the day. So i am so pumped. It would be sweet if I only had to change Max. Ady is being such a BIG GIRL!!!

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