Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Engagement.

Last night we got to take part my little brother Brady Smoot's engagement to his cute bride to be Natalie Archibald. It was fun to see. (or spy on).
Here is how it all went down, we got a big piece of plexi-glass and glues pennies on it to spell out "Will you marry me?" to put out in the fountain at Temple Square.
Well, my mom and I went early to the designated fountain spot to place it, and make sure it was read-able while Natalie (who does not know anything or even know we are also there) and Brady are walking around looking at the lights.
The problem was once we placed it in the right spot, my hand was like frozen ice from putting it in the water we decided to stay a guard it instead of taking it out a re-putting it in once they were almost to the fountain.
 My mom and I had to physically move people out of the spot. Everyone kept saying ..."oh come see the proposal in the water" and were drawing tons of attention to the spot before Brady and Natalie had got there, so I finally just sat in the spot blocking it, and telling everyone who stopped to move on.
Then Brady texted me to "hide" as they rounded the corner into the fountain area.
I went over and my mom and I took video and still shots, as he took her over the fountain, had her look into the fountain and he got down on his knee. It was darling.
Everyone around them cheered. A little crowd had gathered in anticipation when we kept telling them to move because a proposal was about to go down.
Then my mom and I had to sneak off to meet my dad, Eric and Natalie's parents for dinner at The Garden. Natalie and Brady came and joined us as well. It was a really nice night and we are SO excited for Natalie to join our family in May.

{the happy couple}

{the beautiful ring}

{Me, Brady and our "sweeties"

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