Sunday, December 21, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

On Saturday morning (Eric's official birthday) I had a little birthday surprise for him planned. He actually found out about the surprise a few weeks ago, so I guess it wasn't really a surprise anymore. We got the kids situated at home with the babysitter and hopped on a flight to Vegas.
We checked in at the Venetian, and had a wonderful, wonderful dinner at Yellowtail
at the Bellagio. An excellent sushi restaurant we hope to return to SOON. 

After dinner I had tickets to the 9:30 pm showing of KA (a Cirque du Soliel show) at the MGM Grand. It was incredible. They have some of the craziest stunts/coolest acts. It was awesome. 
We were 6 rows from the stage so at some points it seemed like we were actually on stage, cuz the stage rotated and moves around, it's really cool. We highly recommend it.

After the show, we met up with friends who were in Vegas for the BYU game, Scott and Chelsey (Nyborg) Bell and Blake and Mikelle (Nyborg) Bunker at Lux Cafe for some dessert and more Birthday celebrating. I grew up with Chels and Mikelle and we had tons of fun hanging out with all of them. And they were part of the reason I met Eric, they both worked for him and were good friends with him. 
In the morning we again all met of for breakfast .... well it was at 11 am, so maybe more of a brunch. Then Eric and I flew home, it was such a great time and I hope Eric enjoyed it. Happy Happy Birthday Babe!!



*** oh and also I tried getting an oxygen treatment at an oxygen bar for the first time. Now, I have always thought it was a scam, paying to breathe oxygen. Since well, I usually get my oxygen for free. But Eric said it was kinda cool so I did it. They put those little breathing tubes in your nose, like when when you are in labor (sorry, I couldnt think of any other time I have had oxygen tubes) and then they pump "pure" oxygen into the tube, I admit it smelled really good and they have us back rubs and scalp massages during the treatment and had all these aromatherapy oils. So, all in all i thought it was very relaxing, and nice. I am not really sure if the oxygen invigorated me or reduced my stress but I would do it again. 

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