Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guys Night!

So Max and I had the house to ourselves tonight while Hailey and Ady were up in Centerville.   I am sure Hailey wonders if I spend time with Max, while she is away or if I just let him roam the house while I chill.  I have to admit that at times I have done the latter, but tonight Max was so much fun that I spent almost the entire time tackling him, chasing him, reading to him and we just hung out.  He is getting so old, or maybe I should say he is growing so fast.  I cannot believe it but he is actually bigger than his sister who is twice his age.  Well, I just put him to bed and have about an hour til Hailey gets here and I wanna just veg out now in front of the TV.  What will I watch?  Mad Money, Food Network, Spike???? I will have to see.

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