Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party at Sundance.

{The Sundance Screening room and reception area where we held our dinner}

Last night was Eric's Company Christmas Party, we held it up at beautiful Sundance. We had a short reception at the beginning with butler passed Hors 'douvres. Which were so wonderful and tempting, I sort filled up on those. Too bad for me because the plated dinner was also delicious, I just couldn't finish much. Everyone dressed up for the dinner and looked so good. 
Unfortunately it was a rough night for me and Eric in photos, we took a million and one of us is blinking in every single one. Oh well, He still looked good, I like when he is all dressed up.

{The Blinky Mr. and Mrs. Kandell, I really wish I had a better pic of my dress, it was so poofy, I loved it!}

Eric gave out some really nice awards to some of his employees, Most Improved LO (Loan Officer), most dedicated LO, Most Income to the Company LO, the Key to Our Success award he gave to Sara Little his head processor, she is so great putting up with all those strong willed guys. And in the picture above Eric was giving the "Loan Officer of the Year" award to Eric Jorgensen and awarding him his rolex.

{More group shots of the dinner and Eric giving his little speech}

{And Eric saying "thanks wife, for all your planning"}

After the dinner, Eric got Mountain suites for a few of his top LO's (Loan Officers) so we went back to our cabins and hung out. Nate and Eric came and hung out with us in our cabin for awhile. All the Mountain Suites are so fun and different, we love staying up at Sundance, all the rooms have cool little "real" fireplaces, so we had Nate get ours burning. It was so pretty and relaxing to stay up there.

And in the morning when we woke up.... snow.
Eric and I reserved ourselves a couple of massages for 10 am, so we slept in until 9:45 then walked up the path 20 yards and went to the spa.
It was a great little overnight getaway, and a great Christmas party with Eric's employees, who we enjoy being with so much. It's always a party.

{Bye Sundance!}

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