Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day.

{Santa cookie dish made by Grandma Sue}

We had a great Christmas morning, a lot of firsts, our first Christmas with just the 4 of us, the first in our own home, and our first in our new house. The kids were so excited about presents they didn't fall asleep until AFTER midnight so at 9 am we had to WAKE them up. Anyone else have to wake their kids on Christmas morning? Didn't think so. 

Just like when I was a kid, we did stockings first, the kids were so pumped with their toys from their stockings,w e could have been done after that. Ady was so grateful too. She kept saying "thank you thank you" It's so much more fun to give gifts to a thankful child. 
Then we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast, and headed in to start on the gifts under the tree. 

Ady wanted the Tinkerbelle movie so bad, she dug around under the tree looking for a DVD shaped gift, then said "Maybe this could be the Tinkerbelle movie" as she tore it open. She was so happy to FINALLY get it. 

Max got an ELMO live and a small train set and was so pleased with those that we could not get him to open any other presents,  he just wanted to play with those.
And Ady got all things princess,  Eric, I think I have heard the word  "princess" 100 times this morning.

After we finished gifts, we hurried and packed up and took off for my parents, they were calling my brother Spencer who is on his mission in Africa at 11 am, and we wanted to get some talk time too, but when we got to Centerville, it was 12:30 and they had not been able to get through to him in Africa yet. We tried all day and could never get through. It was so sad. 
Both sets of my grandparents and Brady and his fiance were there to talk to him, and we never got through. 

We opened presents and continued to try to call Spencer but by evening we decided to head up to my parents cabin in Wyoming and try again the next day.

At the cabin the next day we finally got a hold of Spencer mission president who got a hold of SPencer and had him call us at the cabin in Wyoming. We were so happy to finally hear his voice and stories. We miss him so so much!!
Then we got to have some fun snow time at the cabin, their was tons of it.
Did I mention the 2 hour drive to the cabin took 4 hours since we got stuck in a blizzard??? Insane!

{snow time}


{cleaning the dishes}

We had such a great time!! Thanks mom and dad!!

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