Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy night followed by a SNOWIER day.

When Eric and I got home from vegas last night, the kids were feeling a bit cooped up so Eric and I bundled them and they went out in the backyard to make snow angels, and a "Frosty" the snowman. They were in heaven. They helped Eric shovel, and got to ride on their sled.

{Ady the snow angel}

It was pretty chilly out so Eric got the fire pit going so we could hang out next to some warmth.

{A shot of our tree through the back window}

Anyway, the kids made a snowman with dad last night but I came in early so I never took a pic, but by the time we woke up this morning, it had snowed so much more, Frosty was a lot smaller. Then the rest of the day today, the snow just kept coming and coming. We went to Target just down the street at noon and that took us forever cuz of all the snow, we have  stayed in the rest of the day. But, I am actually loving the snow (which is kinda a first for me) I am pumped we will be having a very white Christmas.

Check out Frosty!!! Can you make out his stick arms???

(our view out the back door}

{can you make out the snow covered diving board??}

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