Wednesday, December 31, 2008


 2003 New Years Plans :
Roadtrip with roomates to Las Vegas.
Shopping all day for perfect New Years outfit.
Getting ready from 7 pm til 10 pm then finally "going out"
Trying to meet "cute guys" EVERYWHERE
Staying up til 5 am laughing with my girlfriends in our hotel room.
Driving home the next day on 2 hours of sleep.

2009 New Years Plan :
Drop kids of Grandma at Grandpa's in Centerville
Dinner reservations at Ruth's Chris at 7:45 pm with my sweetest.
Pick up the kids by 9:30 to get them home to bed by a semi-decent hour.
Movie in bed with Eric and hopefully make it to 12:01 before I fall asleep.

Does that make me old that the latter sounds so much better??

Happy New Years All!
Tomorrow the resolutions begin.... actually I am starting all mine Monday, I can's start on a Thursday, has to be the beginning of the week.

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