Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

{Derek Miner, Adyson, Haley and Gavin Miner}

To celebrate New Years Day and the fact that Eric was not going to go into work at all the whole day (it's a holiday miracle) we went sledding with our great friends who also happened to be family (Derek is my second cousin)... the Miners.
Our kids had a ton of fun sledding, Eric had a new idea for sledding, he bought a twin sized blow up mattress to have everyone pile on, it worked well until it got a leak.

{Our snow bunnies}

Max actually loved sledding, he only cried when he 

A. was not sledding 
B. was trying to walk in all his bundledness

After sledding we all had soup and salad at Chilis then took our kids home for naps.
After naps we met up again, this time with our friend Haley and her date JC.
Ok, I just have to say something about them (pictured below) since I know neither of them read my blog. Haley is one of my best friends and JC is my cousin and I set them up and I am so excited they are hanging out. I think they are cute together, plus I MADE THEM!! Ok enough about that. But, I think I did good, real good.
We all went to Haley's house and ate pizza and while the kids played together all the adults played SEQUENCE, girls vs. guys. The girls won 3 games straight. It was so fun.

{Haley and JC}

{Derek and Camille}

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