Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Planning for Disney.

{Spending time on Disney's trip planner}

We are going on a Disney family vacation coming up pretty soon. So since the kids are getting  bit older now, I have been having them get involved in planning and talking about the trip. I have said before and I will say again. Disneyland/Disneyworld were some of my most memorable childhood trips. And I love how family oriented everything Disney is. We have taken our kids to the Disney parks before. But, I think this will be the most fun yet.

 Ady is so into the princesses and Max loves Buzz and the whole gang from A Bug's Life. I think they are going to be loving this next family vacation. Everyday I have been getting online with the kids and showing them clips from Disneyland on youtube and today we were one the Magical Beginnings part Disney website where it shows families with toddlers, all the best rides to go on, the best places to eat and even has things I could print off for the kids to color now, to get them excited about the upcoming trip. Ady has been saving her money for the last little while so that she can get a Mickey Mouse sucker when we go and maybe something princess too (the is not sure what, she wants to wait to check everything out). She is all into putting every little penny she finds into her Disney savings. It's awesome. And I really may be just as excited as them. It reminds me of how exciting and magical Disney can be to a child.  And to the parents of a child. Now, I know why my parents loved taking us there so much as kids. I mean, it couldnt have been easy for them to fly with 6 kids to Florida and spend days at a time at all the parks. I know, I have done it with just my 2. But, I am so excited that we are getting them involved in all of it this time and seeing them loving being a part of making the choices. Plus I think the building anticipation will make the trip that much sweeter for them.


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