Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For the Love of Cupcakes.

I have had a lot of people ask for a good cupcake recommendation and so I am giving it on my blog. A couple years ago while looking for a bakery to do a custom cake or cupcakes for Ady's 2nd birthday a Mexican Fiesta, I came across this website THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY
She is getting more and more popular these days, her cakes bites (so good) were just featured on the Rachel Ray show, and she is ever opening her own store front in the Riverwoods in Provo. So, I thought I would share some of the fun and yummy projects she has done for me.

This year she did these for me to give as neighbor gifts at Christmas, it made us pretty popular.

Maxwell's 1st birthday cake, complete with time cupcake for him to eat. All I did was send her a copy of Max's birthday invite and told her to match the cake to the invite. It was perfect.

The "fiesta" cupcakes she did for Ady's 2nd birthday

She made these for me, when I had an activity days party at my house. The girls loved them!

Our ever popular "Idol" cupcakes we had for our American Idol Finale party last year.

And of course her biggest project for me to date, last year's DESSERT NIGHT
She helped me cater almost the entire spread for our dessert night, which by the way be will be throwing again this year since last year's was so fun.

So, if you have a special event coming up or want to send someone cupcakes or cookies or whatever. Hit her up! You will love it!

Also, if you are super local (like right down the street) another hot spot for Cupcakes that I just love is Dippidee
They did both of the following for me, the cake for Ady's 3rd birthday family party and the "A" cupcakes for her friend party. Both delicious. Try either of these sweet shops and you will not be disappointed, unless you are trying to cut calories.

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