Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Kandell Update.

This post is just a little update on what we are up to, besides recovering from Christmas and trying to keep our New Years resolutions. And trying to survive the most boring month of the year, January.


Work, work, work is all this guys does/has on his mind these days. With interest rates at historic lows, he has been goin into work at 5 am some mornings and can hardly finish a sentence without getting a call or email from one of his loan officers. We were supposed to fly out to Ohio on December 28th for a few days to surprise his parents. But, we cancelled last minute so Eric could work right on through the holidays. His stress level is through the roof but we are grateful that at least it's a good stress. 


{nice pic...right? It's the only pic of me over Christmas break}

It's business as usual for me. Just mommin' and trying to get more organized for 2009. (one of my goals) Also, I am doing Body for Life, that I just started. Eric and I used to try and live the "body for life" lifestyle. We ate mostly healthy and stayed active, but this has been a bad year for us. Well, its been a great year but not for our healthy lifestyle movement. So 2009, I am back on it. Eating healthy and working out. Don't want to try and get pregnant this year while being unhealthy. So, hopefully I will keep on that track. I also got a new camera that I am enjoying learning how to use and etc. I don't want to "become a photographer," just want to know how to take good pics of my kids and our vacations and etc.



Ady is doing so great. She is more and more all girl. She always wants to dress up and have tea parties. The other day she told me, while she was nursing her baby, that "it would be so nice if I could paint her toenails while she fed her baby". Maternal AND enjoys getting pampered. That is MY kind of girl. She loves barbies and her girlfriends and singing Disney songs. She is very good with Max and they LOVE to play together. It's such a fun age for them both. Ady also loves going to her preschool.


Max is crazy. Really, he is like insanely hyper and could run, run, run all day. Except if he is being read to, that is my one way to get him to sit still. He loves stories, and will listen to me read until my voice is hoarse. He has a pretty big vocab for a kid his age and is always impressing us with new sentences he somehow picks up. I really think he needs a brother though, I feel bad Ady makes him play girl stuff all the time. But, he's got the "boy spirit" in him, Ady will set up a perfect tea party and he will come and with one big swipe, knock her entire table over, then run away laughing. He makes us laugh everyday.

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