Thursday, January 29, 2009


Earlier this week, Camille, Haley and I decided since our men were working some late hours leaving us alone at night we were going to take the kids bowling one night to go do something fun. So tonight we went to Fat Cats in Provo with all 5 of the kids, Camille and her 2, me and my 2 and Haley and her Sammy.

Sounds fun, right? A good idea? No! Actually maybe on any other night it would have been a good night and maybe this was just the one night all our kids decided to go nuts and misbehave at the same time. For example they 
ran halfway down the bowling lane (you know, where only the ball is allowed)
used the ball ramp as a jungle gym
stuck their heads in the ball chute
stuck their hands in the ball chute 
pushed the balls back down the ball chute the wrong way
got in front of other bowlers
tried to steal balls from other lanes
slipped and fell and cried
fought over drinks and cried
spilled an entire lemonade on themselves (just Max actually) and cried
stole each others candy and cried
bowled out of turn and cried
had to have other adults dragging them away from the their lanes, balls, chutes, drinks
made their mothers want to crawl under their chairs and cry
and all other possible manner of unpleasantness
On the way home, I was thinking of what to title this post, maybe 
When a good idea goes bad
Who knew bowling could make you want to get your tubes tied.
Anyway, there were a bunch of young couples bowling by us, and if nothing else I am sure we were the best advertisement for birth control out there.

{Max being a good sport and clapping for other bowlers in between tantrums}

{Sammy and Haley}



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