Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Kandell Style.

We had so much fun today at home having a little family Superbowl Party. It started out small, I invited some of my Utah-county based Smoot (Smoot is my maiden name) cousins. And Eric invited his cousins, and sister's families. Then my brother invited a couple more cousins and I invited a couple more and it turned out to be such an awesome day for all of us.
The food (it was our BFL free day, we switched it from Saturday to Sunday this week) So, of course we made all sorts of junk, and everyone brought so much great stuff, dips, dessert, cookies etc. Loved it all!! Seriously, we love doin this stuff, good food, house full of people we love. What is better? Oh yeah, and a good/close football game!

{football cupcakes from Dippidee}

{the candy bar}

{My wing-master hubby made some super good hot wings, 2 kinds}

{and he made mini pulled pork sandwiches}

{Look how cute, this is, my mom sent it down with my brothers, cupcakes shaped like one big football}

And here is all the family who made it down here, we loved having a house full of family! Hope we can do it more often!

{Adam and Haley Kjar - my cousins}

{Bandele (practically family) reading to Max}

{Haley and JC (my couple) and the cute Miners}

{Nate, Amanda and Bjork Kesler}

{Sammy - sorry Ady made you dress up buddy!}

{Ady bug and Mama}

{Eric and Max}

{Max and the Lovell boys}

{Brady and Austin}

{Uncle Gordy and Eric}

{Ben and LaCol - cute newlyweds}

{the kids loved JC and Coco}

{Dan and Marianne}

{Derek, Sammy, Gavin and Easton}

{My cousin JC and Haley were all snuggled on the floor watching the game and my kids swooped in right between them, Max wanted to snuggle with Haley, he loves her, sorry JC!}

{Bandele with Max and Ady}

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