Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fairytale Valentines

We are in California on our little Disneyland trip. Yesterday for Valentines Day we had the best day with the kids, character breakfast, Disney rides and fun all day long (but more on that in a later post) This is just about the Valentines Day date that Eric and I had.
We aranged for a babysitter for the evening to watch the kids at the hotel, while we went out.
Me at dinner with my Valentine
Fisrt off was dinner at the delicious steakhouse JW's, since it was free day and we had been snacking all day we didnt really eat a ton at dinner. Then we went back to check in on the kids before heading out into the parks to do all the adults ride, or all the ones with the 40 inch height requirement my kids wont measure up to for quite awhile.
We went on Soarin, and some fun roller coasters, etc. It was so much fun. Everytime we go to Disney we wished we could take a couple hours to do the adult ides so it was nice to finally do that. Plus, I love love love rolle coasters!
Eric a little nervous before getting on one of the biggest roller coasters
Walking down Main Street USA just before the big fiework show.
Anyway, we had a great Valentines Day with our kids and especially cuz we are at the Happiest Place on Earth. I cannot wait to post more pics of the trip later. But until then, here are a couple more photos of my 2 little Valentines with their faces painted.
Here is one of the pirates who escaped from Pirates of the Caribbean
And Madame Butterfly.

Wish us luck trying to get them to get on the plane home, Ady already told me, "I berry berry love it here, I just dont need to go to my house anymore"

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