Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

At our house, I am always the last one to fall asleep. I like to get up one last time after Eric has fallen asleep watching tv to re-check the kids and locks and alarm.
I always go into the kids rooms and get Max out of his bed to rock him, sometimes I get in his rocker and do it for a long time, sometimes I just hold him and rock him standing up by his bed for a minute. But every night without fail I do it before I fall asleep. I love it.
When I go into Ady's room it is always funny to see what she was going when she fell asleep. Usually, there is an entire squad of babies, and princesses in her bed with her all tucked in. Or sometimes next to her night light on the floor the babies will be set up in a semi circle, which means she was teaching preschool before she went to bed. I have seen her on the video monitor teaching her "students" all the songs from school while periodically reminding them to "sit still" or to "sing along". But, last night when I went in to check on her she was fast asleep dressed as a bride. The huge dress, the veil and even the shoes. I thought it was pretty cute so I took a picture. I have no idea how you could comfortably sleep that way so I took off the shoes and veil but this morning she was still a bride when she came to breakfast. 

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