Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Yurt

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine - Nov. 2008 "TOP 100 BEST IN THE WORLD"
The Viking Yurt at the Canyons in Park City

You may remember me talking about the Yurt last year on my blog when we took Eric's office there for the Christmas Party. But, last night we went again. It is sort of a winter tradition for us. When we got married Eric's cousins Weston and Cat gave us a gift certificate to do a night at the Yurt for our wedding gift. We loved it and have returned every year since.
The Yurt is an entire evening of unique-dinner experiences. First off you start our by boarding a sleigh with the other 30 guests for the Yurt (only 32 people can go up per night) and you take a 30 minute sleigh ride up the snowy mountain (sleigh pulled by snow cat) to 8,000 feet elevation to this....

Cozy couples on the sleigh ride

A private little Yurt 
(click HERE to find out what a Yurt is)
Inside there is solar powered lanterns for light, a fireplace that gives off the heat, and baby grand piano and beautifully set tables)
They serve you a 7 course meal (yes, it was free day) over the next 3 hours, while you just relax, eat slow and enjoy the company.
It amazing thing about the gourmet food, is that the Yurt has no running water or electricity so all the food is brought up on snomobiles. You forget that so much effort is put into it because it feels like a luxurious restaurant inside.

This year we went with Aaron and Ashley Waller

And Matt and Edy Atkinson

It was such a fun evening. As it always is. We laughed and talked and have a great time.
I told everyone before the night that if you don't make it to the base of the Canyons by 6 pm that they would leave us (which is true), and there is no other way up to the Yurt (true) and you don't get your money back (also true) and who ended up running late? Me and Eric.  We ran to barely make it on time. But, it was so fun. It wasn't snowing too much so we got to enjoy the beautifully snowy scene during the sleigh ride.

By the way, can you tell which pics were taken with my good camera opposed to my little point and shoot digital? Dang, it's like night and day.

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