Friday, February 13, 2009

5A State Wrestling

It was State Wrestling Championship for all the 5A schools in Utah this week at UVU. I get so nervous, this is my 3rd brother to go to state, actually this is my 3rd brother to go to state 3 years in a row, so what is that? 9 state tournaments I have been to, plus other of my cousins. Since Wrestling is sorta a family sport for my dad's side of the family. I get so nervous, I have a stomach ache the day of, on the way there and have a full on panic attack during their matches. I yell, I have cried, been mean to people etc. Wrestling does not bring the best out in me. BUt now, we are done. Well, Eric keeps saying Max will be a wrestler but I am more in favor of a team sport where if they lose they aren't getting squashed into a dirty floor mat, and losing all by themselves. I want a nice sport where you lose as a team (if you lose) and can share the victory or defeat with your teammates. But, I am sure I will probably lose that arguement. 
Anyway, Thursday night we went to see my littlest brother Austin, put his opponent in his place. He did so well and was ahead the entire match. (I do much better at those kinds of matches)

Max was screaming and sheering the whole time with us.

Eric and the Kjars on the edge of their seats during my other cousin Todd's match.

Our family (with Austin) relaxing after he had already won his match. Phew.

The kids loved the loud atmosphere and yelling and excitement of the tournament, but mostly they liked playing with the family. Max rode on Grandpa Smoot's shoulders and Ady on Uncle Brady's

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