Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had such a fun and memorable Christmas Eve celebration with my family tonight. Since we have been up to Centerville for a party already this week and are heading back there tomorrow morning (after our own Christmas morning at home) my family agreed to do Christmas Eve at our home. 

We did our family tradition of doing fondue. Eric made a mexican cheese fondue as well as a swiss cheese and artichoke {pictured below}  as well. He also made delicious herb chicken drumettes. It was so yummy. 

Then since we were out of town this past weekend, we did a mini-celebration for Eric's birthday and my family gave him gifts. Ady helped open them.

Then after that began "the traditions". In our family around 7:30- 8:00 pm the my parents call "the elves" and then we all go to our rooms and wait until we hear a knock, and outside our door is always brand new, comfy Christmas PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. As we got older (and knew the elves were my parents) we would wait right behind the door with our hands on the knob, just hoping to catch my dad. We never could... ever. So tonight they delivered both pj's for us and our kids but my whole family as well. SO we all got dressed in them.

{Max and Ady's Christmas pajamas and slippers}

Then after everyone is dressed, we all get together again in the living room and exchange our sibling gifts. My parents always thought it was nice to exchange gifts between brothers and sister the night before so we could fully appreciate the gift as well as each other. And so the thank you and gushing dosen't get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning. So we all exchanged our sibling gifts and my brothers and sisters gave their presents to Ady and Max.

{Austin loved his new tie, too bad he has to have my mom tie it.}

{Christa and Brady}

Then after the gifts my dad usually tells the Christmas story from the Bible. But this year since we were trying to get my kids involved, my dad paraphrased the story and Ady, Christa and Breanna did a puppet show of the nativity.

{Max checking out the donkey Mary and Joseph rode}

It was a great night with the family, we of course missed Spencer (my middle brother) who is still serving his mission in Mozambique Africa. But we cannot wait to talk to him on the phone tomorrow. When he left Max was only 5 weeks old, now he is as big as Ady and has full sentences. I can't wait for Spence to talk to the kids.

After everyone left Ady kept following me around with this present, begging to open it. I did not give in, tomorrow she is not even going to know what to do with herself. I really think Christmas may be just as exiting to be a parent of young children. 
Merry Christmas Eve!

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