Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

It's starting to feel Christmas-y around the Kandell home. Our outside lights actually went up the weekend before Thanksgiving (not holidically correct, I know.) And the weekend after Christmas I got the tree up and decorated, the wreaths and stockings hung. And I have to say, there is something mood-changing about having your home festive.

{Our green/gold Butterfly tree}

I decided earlier in the month, that since we actually were not hosting any parties or get together at our home this Christmas, I was not going to OVER-do the decor. But, Grandma Sue did pick up this darling pink tree for Ady's room, that we decorated with some super cute girly girl ornaments I had saved from a couples years back. Ady is in heaven.

We had a tradition growing up in my family, that every year we all got a new ornament for that year.  We loved when we would decorate out tree as a family and my mom would pull out "our box" with all the ornaments we had collected over the years, (I always had the most being the oldest, which I loved) and remember why we had selected the ornament that we had. Each had it's own story or memory. So, I am trying to pass the tradition on to my kids. It's already fun to see Ady love her ornaments from the 3 Christmas's she has had. Poor Max felt a little jipped with just his one from last year. But, their new ones will arrive soon, and I am sure they will love them!

{This is the one I gave Eric in 2005, the year he became a dad}

{Maxwell's from last year- his first Christmas}

{Adyson's from 2006, the first year the princess obsession's still going strong}

We have so many fun ones to remember our holidays together. I made me smile to see the ornament from last year I gave to Eric, it was of 4 sunchairs with each of our names on it, sitting on the beach, and I put "Christmas in Cabo 2007", and it makes me remember how we never made to to Cabo last year from Christmas because I got an infected abcess in my tooth and I spent Christmas break getting a root canal, and a crown.
Or the ornament from our first year of being married, a framed pic of us at my moms, and I look horrible, (I was in my first trimester prego with Ady, I threw up ALL day)
In a couple years I figure we will have to get an entire seperate tree just for our family ornaments.
I think it is so fun, and I am such a sucker for tradtions.

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