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December 20th
Today is my hot husband's 33rd birthday. I could not decide all week what I wanted to post for him on his birthday, maybe the story of his premature entry into this world as told by his mother, maybe some embarassing stories or pictures form his childhood. But, instead I decided to have some friends and family help me make a list of 33 reasons that they love/like/admire Eric.
And here we go....

33. (By Stacey Smoot) I am grateful for the wonderful husband Eric is to Hailey. I feel very secure knowing that you uphold your priesthood in your home. You are business smart and savvy, and I believe you make wise decisions. You are way funny and you always make me laugh. Also you love our grandchildren and are a great, involved dad!! I love you Eric! Happy Birthday, Mama Smoot

32. (By Jim Kandell) Eric in addition to being a great parent, has a successful business and apparently runs it well. I admire his ability to be a total professional administrator, stern and demanding boss during the work day and outside of work be more relaxed and caring and fun loving idiot he can be, sometime even with the same people. I have never learned to do that as well as Eric. Happy Birthday my man. Dad

31. (By Nate Gardner) There are a lot of reasons I love Eric, he is a tremendous person. Perhaps what I  love most is Eric's charisma for life. This charisma is manifest in 2 tremendous attributes, 1) Optimism that things are going to be a success 2) Flare that brings meaning and a little "crazy " to life.

30. (By Josh and Amber Swenson) His random burst of excitement (yelling) and weird noises, and his wicked sweet dance moves in San Diego.

29. (By Craig Waller) Because he isn't afraid to venture out into uncharted territory AND because he is certifiably a nut-job. Who else could qualify as the best friend I have ever had?

28. (By Kevin Riley "K-dogg") 1. I admire Eric for not letting success change who he is and not forgetting his real friends. 2. I appreciate everything Eric has done for me especially. 3. I am grateful that he took a chance on me which helped me start my career. 4. From Eric I learned not to be afraid to take chances aka backflips 5. I'd like to thank him for always treating me like what I had to say was important. 6. He is a better salesman than I could ever hope to be. Those guys in Boiler Room ain't got nothin' on Eric. 

27. (By Bandele Adeniyi-Bada) As an employee and childhood friend- the unique trait about Eric i admire, which I see often, is that no matter how much one disagrees with his (or temporarily dislikes)- he has an amazing ability to step away from the situation and make sure all bonds stay in tact. He has an uncanny sense of fairness that serves him well in his decision making. This sense is the reason why I feel people remain in touch and respect him. I have known the guy forever and am still impressed with his sense of right and wrong. Eric truly is an upstanding guy who would not take any course of action that he knew would serve himself solely at another's expense. He is a highly principled man whom I wish nothing but the best.

26. (By Derek Miner) My Top 10 Eric Likes 10. The fact that he does not work in our office, but is a client. 9. His muscles 8. He drives a sweet car 7. That his parents had the courage to name him Eric not Derek 6. That he drives a car he shouldn't be driving 5. His "5 golden rings" (tis the season) 4. His work ethic and his cool fish tank (thats what Gavin would say) 3. That his beautiful wife is my cousin 1. that we share the greatest birth year, 1975!!! Happy Birthday Eric!

25. (By Matt Fugal) I like the fact that he has a great personality and is very motivated person and seems to have fun with his family and life in general.

24. (By Brady Smoot) The thing I love the most about Eric is his sense of humor. He is a fun guy to be around and always has some kind of joke to crack. I look up to him as an older brother.

23. (By Austin Smoot) I admire Eric mostly because he is the only man I know who can put up with my sister ;)

22. (By Sue Kandell) ONE of the things I love/admire about Eric is seeing what a loving and caring parent he has become!

21. (By Nate Wathen) Eric is awesome.... Love hanging out with that guy.. He's also great to work for, I've learned so much from him, he has created a great opportunity for his employees, Thanks Eric!

20. (By Sara Little) He is a fantastic boss and always makes sure I feel appreciated, and still hasn't fired me yet for talking back to him all the time! Seriously, I've never enjoyed working for anyone more!

19. (By Matt Atkinson) I love his red hair

18. (By Clint Atwater) Eric has a positive attitude that makes him genuine.

17. (By Danny DeBate) I admire the energy and drive Eric puts into everything he does.

16.(By Sara Klothorr) I have always admired that when Eric decides he's going to do something he does it, 200%. Whether it's a fun activity, family, the gospel or work. He has been a role model of mine for years.

15. (By Lisa Lovell) Eric is a friend to everyone. He has always been well liked and had lots of friends because he sees past stereotypes. He has friends from all walks of life! I love Eric's cooking. If Eric is cooking a meal, you can be sure it will be delicious, and practically gourmet! Eric is very charitable and generous to those in need. I love ya Bro!

14. (By Chelsey Nyborg Bell) I admire Eric because he is able to successfully balance all the important things in life. He always makes everyone feel included and is ALWAYS the life of the

13. (By Nate Walker) Have you seen my frog belly!!!! Answer the freaking phone!!!!!!! I'm going to kill somebody!!!!!!

12. (My Les and CoCo Essig) Master of the grill!!! He can wheel and deal with the best of them! He has wisdom and vision beyond his years, yes all 33 of them. You are both charismatic and very generous with what you have been blessed with.

11. (By Steve Lovell) One of the things I most admire about Eric is his ability to empower those around him with a feeling of great worth. Although Eric has been very successful in his life, he does not create the impression that he is better than others, he is always very generous with his time and money, and he makes everyone feel very comfortable and welcomed in his presence. Eric is not just a great success story, he is also a great person. Happy Birthday Eric!

10. (By Weston Marsh) There are many defining characteristics and unique qualities that I love and admire in Eric. The one quality that I think I have enjoyed and benefitted from the most has remained constant since he was just a little red-headed, freckle-faced kid. Eric has always had a zest for life! he enjoys life to the fullest and with so much raw energy. He truly is a spark of light in any social situation. Even when he is not trying, he somehow becomes the center of attention and people are drawn to his energetic and authentic personality. This more than anything sets eric apart and makes him one of the funnest people on the planet. Whether in a department store restroom, or on our family vacation at the beach, Eric made friends easily and fun always found him. I admire my cousin Eric's zest for life so much that I names my son Isaiah "Austin" after him somehow feeling and hoping that Isaiah would also have this unique quality. I love you sunny boy! Weston aka "semin"

9. (By Shane Smoot) Eric is gifted at building and relating to people. because of that characteristic, people are drawn to him and through their association with hhim, they feel better about themselves and strive harder to be their best. Eric is also a self-starter and hard worker. He dosen't wait around for things to happen, he creates his own opportunities and then capitalizes on them.

8. (By Amanda Marsh Kesler) I love that Eric can make trouble without getting into trouble. HIs mom and his teachers always thought of his as a little angel, but really he is just very good at not getting caught! I also love that Eric can get along with just about everybody and knows how to "get the party started" Yeah!

7. (By Scott Bell) Eric is on of the smartest guys I know, and I know I can trust him.

6. (By Grandma Hatch) If I had been the one to choose a mate for my granddaughter I could not have done as well as she did. Eric, you are so genuine--no pretense. You are down to earth, considerate, and yet have a sense of humor. It pleases me that you are adept at parenting and enjoy your kids. Thanks for being all that you are. I'm grateful you're in the family.

5. (By Eric Jorgensen) I love that Eric appreciates what others do, he values their talents and abilities.

4. (By Spencer and Melinda Lindahl) We love Eric for his fun personality which Is why we still try to keep in touch since we both have moved away from each other. We are also in awe at how well he takes care of and plays with his family. He is a great husband and father. Happy Birthday! Can't believe he is 33!!! Love You!

3. (By Aunt Cindy Marsh) Thing I love about my favorite red headed nephew: his broad smile (he has had since he was a baby) His cute freckles (yes eric, they are cute, well maybe handsome now) His sense of adventure (biggest waterslide ever in our backyard), his kind nature, his 1st car, (now that was Brimfield classy) His ability as a kid to never be the guilty one, being able to sleep anytime, anywhere (that runs in the family), Being a great cook and so willing to share his creations. Being able to look like Mr. GQ one minute and Mr. Mis-match the next and being comfortable with either look. Keeping us all entertained in Costa Azul with Mr. Rooster. His obvious love for his family.
And last but not least, making me feel like I'm his favorite aunt! Happy 33rd Eric!!

2. (By his kids Ady and Max) Ady - "I just love him, I just do. He is my daddy, and I wear princess dresses for him and he chases me and Max."
Max - "Wove you dadddeee"

1. (By his adoring wife Hailey) I love you for all of the reasons everyone has given and for one more, you are my best friend and my "one and only". There's nobody better for me than you. I love you!
Happy Birthday Baby!

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