Friday, October 31, 2008

Eric's Work Halloween Party

Here we are as Harry Potter and Hermione hosting Eric's Work Halloween Party at our house last night. Actually in retrospect I should have had Eric be Ron Weasley. Oh well.

I always photograph the food more than anything else... I wonder why.

{pumpkin bread bowls}

{best sugar cookies on earth from Dippity}

Some of the great costumes.... We had a fog machine running so I a lot of my pics ended up all smokey looking so I didnt post everyones costumes, not cuz they werent fabulous, (they WERE all fabulous) but because some pics didnt turn out... dumb eerie fog.

{Bandele's was my favorite costume of the night}

{The White Trash Fugals, and the Hogwarts students}

{the scary}

{the funny-80's rockers and Ken and Barbie}

{the brightly colored and the creative Dr Rey and his patient }

{The Joker and Robin and the Indians}

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