Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home from Costa Rica

Last night on the second leg of our 11 hour (with layover) journey home, I was drafting a long list of complaints about this trip I was going to post about in my head. But I decided I wont waste my time or yours. 
We had a week in Costa Rica all together, which is great. The weather was far rainier than we had read it would be on websites and trip advisor. And even the locals said it was abnormal. But at least we did get to have family time and see a new place. One we plan to return to during the dry season. For sure!
Here are some more pics of the trip.

Ok I just have to say about the above picture. Ady had not been swimming prior to this shot. That is how drenched she got by the rain at the beach. Actually about 5 mins after this picture. a huge rain cloud came in across the water. I kept telling Eric "We better get out of here before that hits us" but we didnt. We took cover in a bathroom for a half an hour until one of the beach attendants heard us and rescued us with umbrellas and a golf cart back to our room.
I actually took video of us trapped in the bathroom, cuz it was so funny. But I havent posted it to youtube yet. But I will. We were for sure very creative with the kids to keep them having fun in the weather. Eric and I were remembering that on our honeymoon in Bora Bora it rained a little. And I was asking Eric "what did we do then?" but oh yeah.... we were on our honeymoon. And we didnt have 2 kids to try and keep from getting bored. 

We are happy to be back home.... now we just need a vacation from our vacation.

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