Thursday, October 16, 2008

Making The Best.

Well, it is now clear to us that we are having a rainy vacation. Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful but everytime we say "let's go outside" it pours. Yesterday is didnt let up all day, only at night. So we have decided that event hough this is not how we imagined this trip, we will make the best of it.
So yesterday, we spent the morning at the beach, it was sprinkling most the time but the temp is a comfortable 75-85 degrees, and the ocean is warm so we are going out in the rain.
Its funny to us that the kids dont even seem to notice that it is raining. Its all the same to them.

We went out when the tide was low to the black lava-type rocks that are usually covered by water and found a blow fish and some other stuff hiding in the water inlets.

Tuesday evening the skies cleared up around dusk and we spent the entire evening on the beach finding a ton of hermit crabs. They were EVERYWHERE. We collected them in MAx's wagon and the kids were in heaven. There was a full moon that lit up the whole beach and we were the only ones out there. It was really cool. Then we went and swam in the pool until ed time. We were happy to make the best of the time that it isnt raining.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will post some pics and a VERY funny story that happened to us today when we tried to brave the rainiest day yet. We are having some rainy day adventures and making some funny memories. Just not the memories we had planned on making.

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