Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall Checklist

There are a few things we have to do when it is fall here in Utah.

1. Go to Cornebelly's the day it opens. Check.

2. Return to Cornbelly's on a weekend night for a real girls night out with the sisters and daughter. Check.

3. And return to Cornbelly's yet again with a new group... maybe cousins? Check and double check.

4. Pick out pumpkins and carve them...check.

5. Go to HeeHaw's for some serious family fun. (even if its freezing) Brr..and check.

6. Go to HeeHaws again cuz the kids wont quit saying "I wanna go to Hee Haws...I wanna go to Hee Haws....." CHECK!

And these are the things we still have to do over the next week before Halloween is here.

Gardner Village
Boo at the ZOO
Family Costume Party
Host Eric's works Costume Party
Host a Halloween Costume Lunch for Ady's friends
Make spider cupcakes
Go to Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point.

Looks like we have our fun/work cut out for us!!

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