Monday, October 13, 2008

Penninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

We were slightly worried Sunday when we landed in Costa Rica. It was a downpour (but what did we expect during rainy season in the rainforest?) and the kids were super challenging on the flight and so tired/onery once we actually arrived. But when we woke up today our first full day here in Penninsula Papagayo
it has been the beautiful vacation we were hoping for. The resort is incredible. All the suites are tucked up in the lush green hills, and suspended on pillars so you can see over the greenery into the sparkley green ocean and hear the waves crashing below. Each suite has it's over large covered patio where you can eat breakfast and hang out up in the trees. And since it rains at some point every day here, it's a great way to be outside enjoying the warm weather while staying dry. Today we spent time at both the beaches here at the hotel. The hotel in on a very thin peninsula and has pools in between the beaches.

One of the beaches has a ton of shells, the kids loved gathering them this morning. There is all sorts of colored shells and dried coral. It is really pretty.

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