Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Monsoon in Our Lagoon

Today we really got to see why everything is Costa Rica is so very green and lush. I woke up at 4 am this morning because it sounded like we had left the sliding glass door open in the Master bedroom. But when I checked our door and the kids door both were closed tightly, the rains was just coming down so hard, it sounded like a bathtub faucet outside our window. Luckily loud rain is peaceful sounding so we went back to sleep. But most of the day it has been absolutely dumping water. The kids have soaked through several outfits because the rain is so warm they want to be out playing in it. They LOVE it! We even took them down to to the beach during a clear part of the day then we literally saw the rain come across the water and pour on us. We knew there would be rain everyday, but usually it is just in the late afternoon. However today it has rained more than I have ever seen. It is beautiful.
But we are ready for it to dry up this afternoons so we can go out digging for shells, or go paddle boating in the bay.

Also this afternoon we were hanging out on our patio and saw this little guy with a few others swinging from tree to tree to our roof. The kids were loving it. Max was saying "monkey...monkey" long after they were gone.

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