Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Destination.

I am usually good at blogging and documenting the activities of the kids and I. Especially because there is so much fun stuff going on right now but I am having a hard time. Because in my mind I am already on vacation. Except for the fact I haven't flown the 8 hours with the kids... yet.
Saturday morning Eric and I are taking the kids with us to Penninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica. And I am super excited. I love to go new places and I have a special love for places in Central and South America. Eric and  have both spent quite a bit of time living and visiting different areas in Central and South America. But, neither of us has been to Costa Rica. In the picture below is shows the resort we are staying at that is out on the Penninsula. I downloaded the rest of the pics from the resorts website.... HERE
We would love any suggestions from people who have been there before, so if you have some leave them. If not, we will be posting pics and entries while we are gone.

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