Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tropical Depression 16

Heard that the caribbean is being dumped on by some tropical storms? Well, so is the Pacific side of Costa Rica, while watching TV in our room today during nap time. We found out why we are experiencing a TON of rain.... even for the Wet season. We have Tropical Storm 16 headed our way. SO we can expect more of the same wetness.
On the positive side... we are on vacation all together. And we have got a few breaks in the rain to crab hunt, play on the beach and enjoy a little sun (more pics to come when I am in a better mood)
One the bad side... we didnt fly 8 hours to ANOTHER country to sit in our hotel room for large chunks of the day. While it pours!!
Oh well. At least it's a nice room that we have had to spend out time in. And that covered canopy deck may have been our saving grace this week....

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