Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ghostess with the Mostess

{Jack o lantern cake for the party}

A week ago, Adyson and I took some cute pumpkin favors and pumpkin invites around to the many 3 year old girls in our ward to invite them to Ady's Halloween party.
Since then she has been thrilled to host her first holiday party.

When the girls first arrived they colored their own Halloween masks 

Then we served a Jack o Lantern shaped pizza

The girls were so cute all dressed up and having lunch together.

The attendees included....

{Ady the kitty, and Hannah as Snow White}

{Anna the princess and Cecily as Tinkerbelle}

{Kennedy as a lamb and another Snow White- Karly}

After lunch we had some super yummy pumpkin-shaped cake.

After Adyson noticed she was practically the only one not dressed as a princess she ran to her room for a minute and came back as the 3rd Snow White at the party, but a Snow White with kitty whiskers.

The whole group, its so fun to have 6 little 3 year olds who all live close together.

Last. we decorated and frosted pumpkin cookies, they looked more appetizing before the girls caked them with candy and frosting.

It was such a fun little party and all the girls were so cute together. 
Thanks everyone for coming!!

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