Sunday, October 4, 2009

halloween things.

I love the fall. I mean, I hate to see the summer go, I really do. Summer is the easiest time to be a mom, all you have to do is go outside and the kids can find entertainment anywhere. In the colder months you have to be more innovative... making crafts, planning visits to indoor places to keep the kids entertained. But, this time of year, autumn is so fun. Pumpkin patches, Halloween fairs, Cornmazes, BYU games, halloween parties. I really love this time of year. Plus I don't know what it is about cooler weather but it makes me want to bake and cook. I am sure Eric wishes I felt like that year round but I don't.

Have you been to lately? She has some fun Halloween invites and party ideas again this year. Last year she inspired me with all of these which some of them I did and saved to use for parties this year. I was out of my mind busy last Halloween with all the things we did. We threw a Costume Party for Eric's employees, Ady had a Halloween party for a few of her little friends, we had an adults only costume fondue night and I planned (but didn't go through with) a High School Friends Halloween Party, it was too much. I got burned out on all things Halloween before it was even here. So this year, I am simplifying. We are doing one little party/Halloween get together for some families that live by us and we might do the little Halloween Fondue Night again... we will see. I am just not gonna stress myself and be overkill this year. Especially since we had such a busy summer.

{I love both of these Halloween candy stations, darling at a party}

There are so many cute favor ideas for Halloween parties, and cute gift bags and designer dessert ideas that are so easy you can make them at home with the kids, it's hard to choose what to do!
And, I am loving all of the custom labels you can get on Etsy for so cheap, they are perfect for darling more personalized Trick or Treat hand outs.
Last year I found these on Etsy and filled them with mini wrpped (of course) candies for out trick or treaters. They were really cute and took no time at all to assemble and seal shut with a cute sticker.

This year I am going to do something similar, I found these cute little glassine bags that had Halloween saying and Etsy has a million and one cute personalized stickers, you can seal them with, or cute ribbon if you wanna punch holes in all your bags. Won't the trick or treaters love them??

And the kids and I are for sure gonna try out a few of these ideas! Especially the different cupcakes and popcorn witches. Too cute!

Yay! Halloween!

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