Sunday, September 21, 2008

Martha ...OBSESSED

I have been obsessing over my Martha Stewart Living catalog since it arrived last week.
I even was thumbing through it out in the hall during Sunday School today while Max was preventing me from being INSIDE Sunday School (only one more week til he's in nursery....hooray!!)
Anyway, this magazine has so many cool decorating and entertaining ideas for Halloween.
And as some of you may know I love to plan parties, trips or any kind of event where I can have themes and invites and decor...
Actually to say I enjoy it would even be a bit of an understatement.
here is the truth...

Hi, I am Hailey, and I am a event-planning-a holic.

Martha is my domestic idol and I cannot wait to put some of her ideas this month to the test. So, if you get an invite from me to a Halloween Dinner Party, or an adult costume party or a Monster Ball for the kids, you will know that there were too many ideas for just one event... and I was too excited not to use them all.

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