Saturday, September 6, 2008

Utah State Fair

It's Utah State Fair time!! We took the kids last night with the Lovells (Eric's sister, her hubby and kids) It was really fun. We saw animals, rode the rides and ate fair food, then felt sick after we ate the fair food. Why is it that I used to be able to eat a funnel cake all by myself then go on roller coasters and feel great? Now I take a few bites of a funnel cake and I am nauseated until I go to bed.


This is Ady and her cousin easton pulling Eric and Aunt Lisa as fast as they could to some Dragon ride they wanted to go on. Ady and Easton had so much fun together.

We mostly just had easton and Ady going on rides but max kept saying "ride. ride" so Eric took him on a little kiddie ride. He was nervous at first but laughing  by the end.

I love the state fair, I could just go and walk around and people watch, it's just a fun atmosphere. Plus, when I was a kid, we never missed it. My dad LOVES fairs. 

These next pics are from earlier in the day, I took the kids with some of my girlfriends to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. They Loved it. Max was more in heaven that I think I have veer seen him. He was running from animal to animal with the big kids. It's actually weird, I still think of Max as my little baby but really he is only a month and a half away from being the same age Ady was when he was born. That's weird because I thought she was so old when Max was born but really she was not even 2 and still little. 

Both the kids loved doing the horsey ride.

 It was a fun morning at the Farm. Thanks for coming with us Camille (&kids) and Melinda (& kids)

Also I just had to comment on my Ghetto-ness in all these pics. I was working all day on  baby shower I am throwing for Chelsey Nyborg-Bell one of my best and oldest friends (really, we go all the way back to kindergarden) which I am throwing at my home this weekend, so that's my excuse. I am thoroughly exhausted from  making favors, decorative onesies and tissue flowers. :) It's a good thing I love you and baby, Chels!

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