Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visit to St. George

This evening the kids and I drove home from St. George where we have been since Friday. Eric came down for the weekend to see his parents. He and Jim both left on Sunday, but I stayed down with Sue and the kids to enjoy some more summer weather.

Here are some highlights....
The St. George Farmers market. If you will be in St. George anytime before the first of November, this is a must-see. It is in that Ancestors Square where the painted Pony, Pasta Factory Benji Thai are. Its was so cute and had so many cool booths, Our favorites include a farm fresh cheese booth, we got fresh made feta, and an herb cheddar. So great, and we have been to Greece so we are picky about our feta cheese. Also we got some peaches that were wonderful, fresh baked pita bread, and a red pepper hummas, and the BEST thing we got was  hot pepper jelly. Oh my gosh, it sounds weird but we (mostly I) ate the whole jar in 2 days. I am having Sue pick me up more this weekend. Its a cool little atmosphere with a little Bluegrass band playing and plus you are supporting the local farmers and crafts-people.

The water Park off of Main.
My kids Love going to this place, and running through the streams and fountains.

**Our St. George Tradition**
The Sand Hollow Aquatic Center.
Nothing wears out my kids like a trip here. Plus it is a block from our house.

The local parks

Breakfast at the Bear Paw... yummy.

Painting rocks with Grandma Sue

Every time we have gone to St. George this year we have said how much we wish we spent more time down there. The kids love it and our house is really in a great location with such great views. I think we will be spending a lot more time there this winter. I may even spend one of early months next year down there with the kids and just have Eric come down on the weekends. The weather down there is just too good not to. Anyone want to come and visit us??

Oh and of course one of the best parts was being with the Kandell grandparents and going to the sand dunes, that I already posted on below.

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