Monday, September 8, 2008

A Showering for Baby..

This past Saturday was the Baby Shower I have been looking forward to since my childhood girlfriend Chelsey Nyborg Bell told me she was pregnant back in February at our Dessert Night. Actually even longer, I am have been trying to talk her into getting prego since she got married.  And now her baby girl is only weeks away from coming!!

Here is the glowing mommy to be wearing her  "mother to be crown" opening a beautiful crib skirt made by her mother.

{ Chelly and her favorite party hostess}

{me and my mother who helped me so so much with the party...thanks mama!}

{The party}

{the friends}

{the grandmas table....haha, I know they didnt like me calling them that, its my mom, and Chelseys mother and mother in law and her Grandma Hoffman}

One of the most fun parts of throwing this shower was that we invited 3 groups, all the girls from me and Chelseys home ward that we grew up with, the neighborhood gang, all the girls we hung out with in High School and the Provo friends/roomates. It was so fun to see everyone again, it was like a big reunion.

This groups is all the girls that grew up in Centerville/Graduated from Viewmont with us.

From left to right (back) Me, Andrea (hyde) Mason, Nicole (knight) Knight, Kristin (defa) Neilsen, Chelsey (nyborg) Bell, Melissa (shanley) Cook, Karen (dellastatious) Harris, Shannon (merrill) Moos, Debbie (holman) Texiera, Teralyn Anderson
(front) Danielle Davies, Callie (salmon) Anderson, Heather (anderson) Shupe

And here was the whole group from the shower, everyone that was mentioned above, plus,
Sarah Klotthorr, Shelby Bell, Hollie Whatcott, Amy Vonk, Shari Wroblewski, Sarah Turner and Britney Heward.... where was Chantay??
It was so great to see everyone!!

In this picture Chelsey is opening up the books everyone picked out for her, weeks before the shower, I had every girl who was invited tell me their favorite childrens book, and write Chelseys a letter for the inside jacket so we could start of her Babies Book Library with everyone from the showers favorites. Everyone wrote such great advice, and sweet things in the books, I am sure Chelsey will love having them.

Chelsey was super spoiled with gifts, and it was so fun watching her open all the things for her sweet little girl. We cannot wait to meet her!!

ahh... even this post is making me baby hungry.....
Thanks everyone for coming and helping with Chels's shower. It was really fun.

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