Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barnum and Bailey

 The circus is in town again. We have made it a little tradition to take our kids every year.
In fact as soon as the tickets go on sale, like in July I buy them. This year we got a few extra so we invited Aaron and Ashley Waller with their 2 girls and Nate and Erin Wathen and their little boy Beckham. So we get there last night and we are going in and OOPS, wrong night. We had tickets for the following nights show. We were a day early. LUCKILY they traded in our tickets for ones to the show that night that were almost as good, so we wouldn't have to come back again. I felt so bad. I wrote in the date in my calendar back in July and went off of that. I mean you think after I got the tickets in the mail, I would have actually looked that them. But, I didnt. 

{Proud daddies, Aaron and his little girl Ava, Eric, Max, Nate and Backham}

{Max was being so funny and loved wearing this hat}

{Max and Ady were so cotton candy sticky, it was nasty.}

For me, the show this year seemed a little LONGER than the ones of the past, they have some really cool acts, but there are a bunch a clown scenes with this random clown making jokes and tripping all over the place that I think they could have done without.
But my kids were in absolute heaven so we cant really complain. After all the KIDS are the reason we go...right?!?

{The cute families we came with, Wallers and Wathens}

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