Thursday, October 29, 2009


At Eric's office his employees work hard all year to try and meet a certain "sales quota" to be able to attend "President Club" a trip Eric takes the top producers on. Well, we already have this trip scheduled and planning underway for the 2010 Presidents Club which will take place in Maui, Hawaii.
And mostly only adults attend President's Club only occasionally an infant who still needs to be with mom.
A few of the mothers whose husbands will be attending President's Club this year with us, are having a hard time finding babysitters for the 5 days. Like college age girls or couples to come stay in their homes and run the household while they are gone. So, I told them I would try and get word out to see if any of my bazillions of Smoot family or friends know or are interested in a 5 day babysitting job and earning some good money. If you are leave me a comment or email me at hailey (at) thekandells (dot) com.

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