Tuesday, October 27, 2009

our bling baby.

Last Saturday, Ady had her long awaited dental work done. In August I took both kids for their yearly dental check up. Max: no cavaties, no problem! Ady: 9 cavaties...... 9!?!?! Wait! Dont they both get their teeth brushed the same and basically eat the same things also? Yes.
We have decided Ady has my teeth or the "Smoot acidic saliva curse" and Max is lucky and perfect like Eric, no braces, no problems just white straight healthy strong teeth, always.
Yeah, I'm jealous.
Anyway since so much work had to be done they recommended doing it in the surgical office, where and anesthesiologist puts them under a general anesthetic for 2 hours to do all the work opposed to 5 visits of traumatic shots, and drilling. We agreed and scheduled Ady's work to be done while they put her out.
Long story short, she ended up being out for more like 3 hours because some of the cavities were more deep and some of the teeth cant handle too much drilling.
All in all we left after
7 cavaties were drilled
4 crowns were seated
and 4 baby root canals were performed.
Poor babe.

Saturday she took it easy the rest of the day and has minimal swelling because of the steriod they gave her and not much pain either (so jealous, I am always sore for at least a week after crowns/root canals) but I was so glad for her, I know how horrible teeth work can be.

So, right after the appointment we couldn't see the crowns since her mouth was all swollen, but once we did, I was actually kind of mad. When we first thought she was only having cavities we paid an upgrade fee to use white fillings instead of silver so her mouth would still look all white, well I for sure wouldn't have done that if I would have know 4 huge silver crowns were gonna be put over 4 entire teeth. That was a waste.
Anyway, I was a little afraid Ady would not like her new silver teeth, boy was I wrong! As soon as Eric showed her, her entire face lit up and she said " it's like pirate teeth"
oh. my. gosh. It is like pirate teeth.
Oh well , at least she is thrilled.

{Look at that new proud smile.}
Oh and by the way our new plan of action with the dentist so that this fate does not befall Adyson again, is to go in every 12 weeks for a flouride coating of her teeth and thorough cleaning so nothing has a chance to progress too far.

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