Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spooktacular Fun at Our Haunted Home.

Monday night we had a little Costume party for FHE with some our neighbors and friends we have made since moving to northern Utah County. It was a pretty fun night. Especially for the dozens of kids who were running wild around our home all night.

Our family theme costumes with year were from The Little Mermaid
Eric was Kind Tritan, I was Ursula the Sea Witch, Ady was of course Ariel, and Max was Ariel's Handsome Prince Eric.

True to our roles as enemies of the Sea, I didn't see Eric most of the night. Playing host and hostess rarely allows us hang out time.

Our nieghbors and friends all had such awesome costumes, I wish I had pics of everyone!
Here is some of the fun, as well as Ady carrying around the party invitation the whole night.

"Trick or Treat, your so sweet, here's a treat for you to eat" bags with a yummy candy station in the entry. As well, as delicious Dippidee cupcakes and sugar cookies.

See these little hot dogs, I wrapped as mummies for the younger kids, well I forgot about them in the oven until an hour or so into the party so they got charred. Oh well. It was a nice thought.

We went with the easy menu of Soups, pumpkin bread bowls and salads. Perfect fall meal.

and check out the orange chocolate fountain... well actually it was a bit more peachy orange than real orange. But good effort chocolate fountain guy!

check out some of our cute party people and their awesome costumes!

This is the cute Tornow family who we love. Jen made the BEST soup of the party, a blackened corn chowder than was GONE before I even tried it but Eric raved about it.

We had so much fun and want to thank everyone who came and helped! You guys are all awesome.

Oh and a separate but funny story, our little Maxwell, was camped out in front of the chocolate fountain for at least 1/2 the night, just chowing on chocolate dipped strawberries then when I was rocking him before bed, just as eric predicted he threw up everything... all over me, my costume, in my hair, down my dress, and all over his dream rocker.
Scroll down to see the mess. It as much worse than the picture makes it look.

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