Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spookiest Place on Earth.

We just returned from a few fun filled days at Disneyland. October is my ultimate favorite time to visit the Disney Parks since they deck it all out so cute for Halloween. Disney doesn't do anything, least of all decorations half way. It looked wonderful. This was one of our favorite visits there, largely in part to all the fun families that went with us.
Aaron and Ashley Waller and their girls Brea and Ava (oh and Aaron's mom Mrs Waller)
Eric and Rachelle Lillenquist and their girls Isabelle and Hallie
and Jimmy and Leslie Shergill and their daughter Sophie.
We had so much fun with these guys!
(the pic below is most of our group, just missing the Eric's)

Also, I have to mention what a cool connection Aaron (Nomo)'s wife Ashley had. Her family has this great friend Bob who has played Eyeore at the part for 30-something years. So, he hooked us up right and left. Secret little rendezvous with ALice and the mad Hatter to get pics and play time. Prime seating for the Fantasmic show and fireworks at night. Reservations at the fabulous character breakfast where he brought the entire Winnie the Pooh gang to our table for the kids to play, dance and pose with. It was awesome. Since all our kids are different ages, and have different schedules we met up randomly over the weekend and for meals but also had free time on our own, it really was perfect.

(us at the airport, Ady insisted on the crown on the flight down to L.A.)

We also hit up the Critter breakfast at our hotel (the Grand Californian) on the first morning.

Fantasyland was our first stop, followed by our other favorites, Pirates of the Carribbean, Haunted Mansion (Ady is obsessed) and of course the Winnie the Pooh ride and area of the park.

Our private visit (arranged by BOB-Eyeore) with Alice and the Mad Hatter

Eric and Aaron thought Alice was pretty good lookin, I think they have issues.

Bob also had us meet up one afternoon for the Disney Pixar Parade over in California Adventure, the kids loved it, I even let Ady dress up in her Minnie/witch costume my girlfriend made for her especially for this trip. Isnt it darling?

Mostly we just played, rode rides, ate, and had a great time. I love Disneyland probably a little too much for an adult.

The last night we were there Mrs. Waller agreed to babysit some of the kids and a couple got sitters of their own and we all had an adult dinner at Napa Rose (pretty good but incredibly slow) and then we hit some of the adult rides, I love this tradition we have done the past couple of trip to Disney. It is so fun to have a big kids night. And almost essential to have a little break from the exhaustion chasing the kids around the park gives you.

Anyway, we had a great time, and the kids were in heaven being there, even more so cuz other kids were there. I think we are gonna try and do Disney with other families from now on, it just makes it more fun for everyone.

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