Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks and Eating.

{Max saying "Bless the turkey"}

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends and food yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Eric's family at our house. We had his mom and dad in from Ohio, His sister Lisa and our bro-in-law Steve with Easton and Zach from Sandy.
Erics Aunt Cindy and Uncle Gordy from Ohio, His cousins Weston, Cat and their kids from L.A., as well as Amanda, Bjork and Nate (more cousins) and our friend Bandele for dinner.
It was a big crazy cousin party with tons of good fun and even better food.
While we prepared all the food, the kids loved running around outside together.

{Max, Easton, Avery and Isaiah}


{Isaiah and Weston}

{Isaiah, Easton and Avery}


{All the cousins, from oldest to youngest, Isaiah, Avery, Easton, Ady, Zach, Max and Bjork}
Max was thrilled to be getting his picture taken, just thrilled.

Ady kept giggling whens she saw all the food, she said "the food is so good in my nose" {translation - the food smells good}

The past couple years we have done 2 turkeys, one deep fried and one roasted, the deep fried one is the best, and even though it looks burned, it wasnt, it gets really dark and crisp on the outside. It is so good. They both are.

{Eric dad wore his Obama '08 tee shirt to dinner to ruffle feathers in a family of mostly republicans. :), but what could we say? OBama DID win.}

{Ady and I wore our matching aprons to cook in, but we didnt get a pic together, oh well, maybe next year.}

{the kids table}

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