Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Unexpected Night In Vegas.

(Erin, Chels and me)
On Friday we came down to the St. george house for the weekend with our friends the Wathens and their son Beckham. We planned on a nice family weekend, with a little golf, some fun kid parks, maybe the sand dunes and just relaxing.
Well, on the way down Nate and Erin came up with the idea of driving over to Vegas on Saturday while the kids were down for their afternoon naps and having Erin's sister (a student at Dxie College in St. george) come babysit, since she has nannied for years.So we decide that would be fun to spend the morning with the kids and head off around 1 pm.We went into Vegas to do a little shopping and get some good suhi (we are all sushi junkies).
So for lunch on Saturday we met up with our other friends Scott and Chelsey Bell and their sweet new baby Blakely (shown below) at 25 main in St George, then took the kids home, put them to bed for naps and took off to Vegas.
We chose to eat at new sushi called Sushi Roku in the Forum shops at Caesars.
Dinner was really good, and fun to be out with just adults.
So, after dinner we are planning to head home when Nate finds out from a good friend that he and Eric can get 4th row tickets to the UFC fight (Lessner vs. Couture) at the MGM Grand at like 8 pm. So we called the babysitter who was fine putting the kids down for the night and staying late.
So the guys decide to go to this huge "fight of the year" since they got such great seats. So, Erin and I decide we want to go do something fun so we went to the Cirque Du Solei show "Mystere", We really wanted to go to "Love" with all the Beatles music but it was sold out.
We had such a great night, the boys got VIP floor passes and a saw a great fight plus a bunch of celebrities, there was even a picture with 50 cent, of course we have not seen the picture yet, but supposedly it happened. And Erin and I had a great girls night out. Just shopping nad a great show. Then after we met back up and drove back home to St. George and got home around 1 am. The kids probably hardley even noticed we were gone.
It was really such a fun, unexpected night. Erin and I were saying last night when we got out of Mystere, "uh is this what you thought you would be doing this weekend?"
Um but so glad we did.

{Us & the Wathens at sushi at Sushi Roku in Caesars)
(The boys with their VIP friend and their passes)
(Nate and Erin asleep in the backseat on the way home....)
Thanks Nate and Erin for the idea and the unexpected night in Vegas, we loved it!

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