Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 Things That I Love.

I usually ignore tags but I thought this was a fun and easy one. Thanks Jen!


1. My family (sorry Jen, we are the same on that one)

2. All things Girly but mostly DRESSES, I love love love dresses, I would wear a dress and heels everyday, I would take a dress over jeans any day. I wish people dressed up a little more in their daily lives, like back in the day when women always wore skirts and dresses. That may be part of the reason I always have a dress code for Eric's work parties, like the white party, or the formal dinner at Sundance. They may hate it but I LOVE it. Everyone always looks better dressed up.

3. Cake Stands, I have started collecting them, first just to match dinnerwear for parties then slowly became something I am always on the hunt for. They are so pretty.

4. Invitations, and cards. I love cute invitations, or announcements. So if there is ever a shower I am not throwing I always volunteer to do the invites.  And I always plan my Christmas cards months in advance. It's funny, sometimes when we are planning a dinner or a BBQ, Eric will ask me "is this going to be like an invitation thing?" which is his way of asking if I am planning to go all crazy, and start trying to make a theme out of every get together. One time he had a little BBQ/swim night with all of the guys at his work at our house, and when I got home and asked him how his party was he said " It was really fun, and we didnt even have invites, or cupcakes, or matching plates....isn't that amazing that we still enjoyed ourselves" He thinks I am a little nuts. I probably am.

5. Having lots of family time. This might go along with loving my family, but I love having my kids get to see both of their grandparents a lot. Having one on one time. Being close to their aunts and uncles. Taking time away from regular life to be with the people who matter the most to us. Spending holidays, not with friends (who we also love) but with our family. Those traditions I had as a kid I want my kids to have. Family first.

**Disclaimer** - certainly there are things I love more than cake stands and dresses, a lot more things but this is supposed to be fun... so if you are thinking how "typical Utah 20-something girl" well, don't .... this is just for fun.

Now I tag... Callie, Chelly, Lisa, Melinda, Danielle, Erin, Ali and Tiffany

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