Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Grateful.

This entire week I have kept telling myself to make time to write a nice Thanksgiving post for the millions of things that I so very grateful. But alas, I have not and now I have no time. 
So, this will be brief, even though I could write a novel about the things I am so thankful for.

1. My Eric, if you know him you love him. He is everything to me. I could not be more grateful for the best daddy/hubby around. Plus, he is such a babe! 

2. My Adyson Rose, she is like my little best friend who always can make me laugh. She made me realize that I was born to mother, I love her.

3. Maxwell or "My Macky" He is my little boyfriend, I always say. His big eyes and sweet little personality and voice are like the best thing on earth.

Hope everyone get to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family!

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