Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love the snow!

So my wife is normally one to dislike the cold and the snow, she has been quoted to say she would be fine with snow on Christmas and that is it!  NOT ME.  I just got home from work and though there is very little snow, I forced the kids into snow gear and threw them in a sled and off we went running through the yard.  As a matter of fact we got our first little flurry last night and when we came home, Adyson had me make her a snow ball and then she was carrying it around the house like it was a little baby.  It was awesome, she had it cuddled up in a blanket and was caressing it.  I told her it would melt so we put it in the freezer.

Well other than that we are off to Chuck E Cheese for Bandele Adeniyi-bada's birthday.  Bandele is a good friend of mine from Ohio that has lived and worked out here in UT for about 3 yrs now and he is awesome with our kids.  For his 32nd birthday he actually planned the party and asked if our kids, along with my sister's kids would go with him to Chuck E Cheese!  I am sure he will be out with some of his many girlfriends later, but Hailey and I were impressed with his care for our kids.  Ban is great, if you don' t know him.  Well gotta go

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