Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Almost a 3 Year old.

Adyson Rose Kandell
AKA... Ady Bug, The BUG, Buggy, Princess Belle, Buggy Girl, Ady, Rose, and Big Sister
My Little, or should I say BIG GIRL Adyson will be turning 3 years old this upcoming week. I wanted to my own record to write all about her on this post, and what she likes and dislikes so I can look back and remember. These past 3 years have flown by so fast that I am certain the next 3 will as well.

At 3 years old Ady likes...
Swimming, putting her face in the water to blow bubbles, diving for rings and jumping off the side or diving board. 
Any thing princess, the dresses, the shoes, the crowns, all the girly dress ups. Even her family party this year that she talks about everyday will be a princess party.
Disney movies especially if there is a princess in it.
Pink and sparkles... she always tells me "mom, sparkles are my favorite and so is pink"
Her babies, she sleeps every night with a whole slew of babies in her bed, she loves "mothering them" for awhile if she didn't have a "baby blanket", she would take off her night gown and use it as a baby blanket to cover her dolls. But now every night we make sure there is a recieving blanket for her to keep her babies warm. 
Preschool, she just started school a few weeks ago and she loves going.
Rollie Pollie bugs, she loves to find them and let them crawl all over her, she has loved more that her share of them "to death" unfortuately for them.
Sending Monk-E-Mails to her friend and cousins
Being pushed on swings
Being read to, and doing her matching games
Being sang to, more by mom than dad.
Going to her Grandm'a house, both of them.
Her her hair cut.
Animals, especially dogs. She asks for her own dog weekly.
Watching movies in the theatre and eating popcorn with her daddy.
 And her best friend and little buddy, baby brother Max.

At Age 3 Adyson dislikes.....
Getting her teeth brushed.
Being told no, of course this does not sop us from telling her no on average, 4-5 times an hour.
Being sticky
Losing a bow out of her hair
When Max or anyone else has her favorite baby.
Being overly tired. (though she would never admit it)
Spiders and Flies.

At Age 3 at can...
Carry on a conversation, that is completely understandable, and not just to her parents.
Survival Swim
Skip with the best of them
Stay in nursery in her new ward with no problem (that took us a few weeks of tears to accomplish in a new place)
Ride her friends bike with training wheels, she dosen't have her own yet (maybe for her Birthday?!?!) 
Sing almost all the Disney princess songs
She has been fully potty trained for going on 10 months, she mastered it last September ... woohoo!
Use her manners, please, thank you, excuse me, without being reminded (not always but pretty often)

We love our Adyson Rose, she is such a sweet little personality in our home,I really depend on Ady to help me and be a good girl so often since her brother Max is less than 20 months younger than her. And she really is so well behaved and sweet most of the time. We love you Ady Bug!

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